Sportsbooks and the NFL Sign Official Betting Partnerships

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The NFL is the latest American sports league to sign official betting deals. The league recently announced three sportsbooks as its official betting partners. The agreement gives the sportsbooks access to official league statistics and marketing opportunities. It will allow the sportsbooks to tie their brands to online and on air statistics. The league is free to opt out of the deal after the first two years. Other alternative to sportsbook is hongkong pools lottery.

PGA Tour

Sportsbooks with PGA Tour partnerships have access to exclusive data that can help them offer better odds to customers. In particular, they gain access to ShotLink Intelligence technology, which uses tens of thousands of data points to produce sharper lines and an enhanced betting experience. This type of technology also allows sportsbooks to access and track data about golf tournaments and individual players.


FanDuel and DraftKings will join the league as co-official sports betting partners beginning November 2021. These new companies will feature NBA game highlights and betting systems in their sites. The two companies will also work together to maintain the integrity of the game.


Sportsradar has signed a 10-year extension with the National Hockey League as its official betting, media and integrity partner. The new partnership will provide live streams of NHL games to gaming operators in all legal markets. It will also assist in developing betting partnerships outside of North America.


If you are a fan of the NBA 2K League, you are probably already aware that NBA 2K betting is different from other video game markets. While betting on the NBA 2K League is possible, you have to make sure that the NBA 2K betting site you choose is legitimate. You should also consider the currency you are betting in. It is best to use a leading betting platform. They will list the best NBA 2K league 2022 bookmakers and make it easy for you to deposit and withdraw funds.


In NHL 3K, you can bet on the outcome of a game by placing your bet on the puckline. The puckline is a hybrid form of hockey betting, combining the moneyline and the point spread. Puckline wagers involve predicting which team will win by 1.5 goals or more. Like the runline in baseball, the puckline is usually negative, meaning that the favorite will win by a certain number of goals. If the underdog team wins, the bet is considered a winner.


As a first step in NHL 4K, Rogers has delivered the first live 4K sports broadcast in North America. A Hockey Night in Canada telecast produced by Sportsnet will be available to Rogers customers on NextBox 4K on Channel 999 on January 23. The game will feature the Toronto Maple Leafs taking on the Montreal Canadiens from the Air Canada Centre.


If you enjoy watching NASCAR races and are interested in making some wagers, the new NASCAR 4K official betting option is a great way to do so. The new service is a partnership between Nascar and Genius Sports and will allow fans to place bets on feature matchups and different types of betting. With the Busch Light Clash approaching at the Los Angeles Coliseum on Feb. 5, fans will be able to enjoy even more distinct betting options.

PGA Tour 4K

The PGA Tour has joined the sports betting fray by partnering with DraftKings, which has secured its position as the tour’s “official betting operator.” In July, DraftKings will become the tour’s official daily fantasy sports partner.